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      The Coggon public school building, as it stands today, was erected in 1909.  In 1936, an addition was built to accommodate the growing school population and in 1957, the third and final addition was added. The building served as a public school building until its closure in January 2013.
     When the elementary school was closed and moved to the North-Linn uni-campus outside the city limits, Coggon Area Betterment Association (CABA) acquired the abandoned school building. In the months following its purchase, the building was renamed the COGGON CENTER and repurposed as a local community center with business and rental space available to the public.

The Coggon Center


The former classrooms of the 1957 wing have been repurposed and are now used as rental rooms for local entrepreneurs to use as a business incubator or office space.   It is CABA's goal that these businesses can grow and relocate into larger space on Coggon's Main Street.



The 1936 section is currently not being used.



The oldest section of the former school building is in the beginning stage of being restored through its inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.



Added to the former schoolbuilding with the 1936 wing, the Gym is an ideal location for events of all kinds. The basketball court is fully operational with bleachers on both sides of the court. The stage is located at one end of the gym, and is an ideal location to present to large groups or to host a formal event.

Looking to Rent a Room?


The 1957 wing has rooms avaiable for rent.  CABA offers the rooms at reasonable hourly, daily, and monthly rates --  $10 per hour, $75 per day, $350 per month  -- to accomodate a variety of renters.  For more information on room rental,  please contact us at

Looking to Rent the Gym?


The gym is available to rent for both athletic and non-athletic events.  With proof of insurance,  the gym can be rented for $10 per hour for athletic events or $75 per day.  Contact us at



If you have questions about how the Coggon Center can serve your needs, please contact us by emailing or by leaving a message at 319-551-2510. 

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